Unboxing Explore Magazine’s Live The Adventure Club Gear Box!

The gear box designed for people who love the outdoors!

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Explore Magazine. All opinions are my own.

A couple years ago, I started hearing about a new subscription box that was designed for people who loved to spend time in the outdoors. People like myself! It sounded pretty interesting and just when I decided to look more into the box, I found out that they were looking for new ambassadors. What a perfect opportunity to get to try out this new subscription box!

Subscription boxes are usually a box sent out either monthly or quarterly, filled with a particular type of items, such as candy, tea, or maybe skin care products. You sign up, pay the fee, and then the boxes will begin to be shipped right to your door. Some of these boxes you know what you are going to get, but with most boxes, the items inside are a surprise!

The subscription box I was interested in was called Explore Magazine’s Live The Adventure Club Gear Box. Created by Explore Magazine, an online and print magazine all about outdoors adventures, each box is editor-curated and is filled with a variety of outdoor gear, clothing, snacks, coupons, discounts, and the latest issue of Explore Magazine. The gear boxes are released four times a year, one for every season.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect. They didn’t tell you exactly what was coming in the box, it was a surprise, which was all part of the fun!

When my first box arrived I was really surprised with what I found inside! There was a spork, a hydration pack, a biking map, multi tool, hand warmers, a flash light, and there was even a folding shovel! The gear box was packed full!

It was really cool to receive all of these items in the box! Many of these things I didn’t actually already own, so I was able to add these items to my collection of outdoor gear. There was also an issue of Explore Magazine in the box, and a gear list, which explained exactly what each item in the box was in case you didn’t know.

Another thing that was included in the box was a list of challenges. When you sign up for the Live The Adventure Club Gear Box, you also become a member of the club! Live The Adventure Club members can join the member’s only Facebook group where they can participate in these fun challenges. An example of a challenge might be going for a hike to watch the sunrise. All you had to do to participate in that challenge was to head out for a sunrise hike, take some photos, and then share the photos and a little story about your adventure in the Facebook group. Everyone who participates in these challenges has the chance to win prizes, which is more awesome outdoor gear! But the best part is, these challenges encourage you to get outside more and try new things!

The Facebook group also provides a great place to share your adventures with other club members, talk with each other about different tips and tricks, and is a welcoming community of like minded people who all love the outdoors!

After receiving my first Live The Adventure Club Gear Box, and seeing all of the cool and interesting things inside, I was really excited about what I might find in the next gear boxes that I would get!

Over the past year and a half I’ve got all sorts of things in the boxes! Everything from cross body bags, sleeping pads, knives, kitchen equipment, maps, safety gear, water bottles, lighters, hand warmers, battery chargers, lots of different types of snacks, energy drink powders, flashlights, key chains, hooks, paracord, a first aid kit, multi tools, Blistwool, a Buff, a foraging bag, and more!

My favourite item that I have received so far has to be the Frog & Co top-facing plasma dual arcs lighter! This lighter is pretty cool! It is re-chargeable, you just have to plug it in using a USB cable to charge. It’s easy to use and feels safer too as there is no fuel or an open flame. The lighter also has a built in flashlight and a whistle!

There was a super bright flashlight that I got in my first Live The Adventure Club Gear Box. It had a few different lighting settings and could light up a large space. I had the opportunity to take this flashlight out on a camping trip right after I got it, and it worked really well. I still use it to this day!

Another item I really liked, that I found in the Winter 2022 box, was a limited edition Buff! This Buff was created specifically for the Live The Adventure Club Gear Box and the design featured a planet earth character participating in a variety of outdoor activities, like surfing, biking, and fishing. The Buff design was to help bring awareness to protect our planet so that we can continue to enjoy these activities for many years to come!

I recently received the Spring 2022 Live The Adventure Club Gear Box, and once again, there was a lot of very interesting items inside! Most of which I didn’t already have in my current outdoor gear collection.

There was an emergency survival bivvy sack.

A BPA free silicone collapsible Kettle.

The Stash-And-Go pocketknife.

One Real Food Bar made with local ingredients from Nova Scotia in Canada!

A camping spice and condiment set.

A very neat little paracord and emergency item called Quikcord!

And of course, the latest issue of Explore Magazine, which is always a great read!

I’m really looking forward to trying out all of these items!

The Live The Adventure Club Gear Box is great for those who have little to no outdoor gear, as it’s an interesting and fun way to slowly build up your collection of gear. For those who may already own a large amount of outdoor gear, you still might find a lot of interesting items in the boxes, and it’s always nice to find some things, like the snacks, as you then have a chance to sample one before purchasing an entire package.

Overall, Explore Magazine’s Live The Adventure Club Gear Box is a fun subscription box that is great for people who love the outdoors!

I have received some items in the boxes that are similar to items that I already own, and for those items I simply keep them as a spare or for a friend to borrow, give them to someone who needs that piece of gear, or donate it to a charity.

If you’re unsure about signing up for a Live The Adventure Club Gear Box subscription, you can subscribe for your first box and if you are unhappy with it, you can message their responsive customer service to cancel. They have a money-back guarantee!

If you’d like to learn more about Explore Magazine’s Live The Adventure Club Gear Boxes, or if you would like to sign up for the club, you can visit the Explore Magazine website at the link below.

You can click on the video below to check out my Explore Magazine’s Spring 2022 Live The Adventure Club Gear Box unboxing video!

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