Adventures with Josie

adventures, photography, and exploring in the outdoors!

Hello there!

My name is Josie! I am a photographer and writer, and I have a passion for adventures and exploring in the outdoors!

As a photographer, I regularly post my photos online and on social media. I enjoy doing landscape and nature photography the most, so the majority of the photos that I take are of Canada’s, and particularly Ontario’s, beautiful and rugged natural landscapes! After seeing my photography, a lot of people ask me about the locations where I take my photos and the adventures that I go on to get there. I love to go on adventures and explore in the outdoors! Whether I’m hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, traveling, just taking photos or exploring a cool new place, I love to get outside and have fun!

I have always had a love for the outdoors and outdoor activities. Growing up, my family spent a lot of time doing a variety of outdoor activities year round, we spent most of our summers camping, and we traveled a lot around Ontario, across Canada, and even to Alaska. Over the years I have continued to get outdoors as much as I can, and I’ve enjoyed going out on longer and more challenging outdoor adventures and trying new things.

I always enjoy and appreciate any time I get to spend outside in nature. I love the rocks and the trees, the plants and the animals, the sunsets and stars, and just how amazing nature is! Some examples of my idea of perfect days would be hiking along a long and rugged trail, paddling a canoe across a calm quiet lake, sitting on a rocky shoreline, or being in a forest surrounded by towering White Pines!

I have had an interest in photography since I was very young. There was just something I really enjoyed about taking photos. So a camera would accompany me almost everywhere, and on most of my outdoor adventures. It was a great way to capture those special moments and memories. Along the way, as I began to take more and more photos of the outdoors, I started to realize my interest and skill in landscape and nature photography.

Two of my greatest interests and things that I enjoyed the most had come together. The outdoors and photography!

Another thing I enjoy is talking or writing about the places I have traveled to and the adventures that I have gone on, and sharing my stories with others. It is fun talking to people about these places that I have been and how they can go there themselves. I always enjoy helping people when I can so that they can enjoy the outdoors too! Whether that’s answering questions posted online, giving directions, or providing information about different areas, parks, and trails that I have explored.

So after many years I have finally decided to bring all of these things together, the outdoors, the photography, the writing, and in October 2019 I started Adventures with Josie!

Adventures with Josie is where I’m going to share some of my adventures, the places I go to, my photography, my stories, and the fun things that I do, with you!

Adventures with Josie first started out on social media, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where I share photos, videos, and short stories. I have since created a YouTube channel where I have started to share some short videos, with some longer ones to come in the future. And now, I have finally started this website and the Adventures with Josie blog!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog and photos. There are a lot of fun adventures to come!

So follow along as I share my adventures with you!

If you want to check out more of my photography you can visit and follow Josie Dinsmore Photography on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter at the social media links below.

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